Apple Xserve Diagnostics 3X103 - Customizing AXD MacOSX Tools Test Settings

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Customizing AXD Mac OS X Tools Test Settings

You can customize AXD test settings in several ways by choosing which tests are run,
whether to loop tests, and whether to stop or continue testing when an error occurs.

Detailed status

Test log


Test category

Currently viewed log

Log status

Test controls

Select All tests and

Deselect All tests buttons

Local or client IP address

Test Selections list

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Chapter 4

Using AXD Tools

To customize AXD Mac OS X tools test settings:


In AXD Mac OS X tools, select the test settings you want.


To save your customized test settings for future use, in the Test Group pop-up menu,
choose Save Current Group. Enter a name for the group and click OK.

For more information, see the next section, “Working With Test Groups.”


To run the test, click Start Testing.


When the test completes, a PASSED or FAILED message appears on screen. Click
anywhere to close the message.

If you stop the test before it completes, no message appears.