Apple Xserve Diagnostics 3X103 - Setting Log Preferences

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Setting Log Preferences

You can set up log preferences so that the AXD test logs are automatically saved to a
file at a location you choose. AXD test logs are created every time you start a new AXD

Hardware Info

Listing and description of all installed hardware


All of the logs that are also available in System Profiler (located in

Log type




No circle

You haven’t loaded the log during this AXD session, or the log
hasn’t been created yet.


The log didn’t load. This usually occurs when there isn’t any data in
the log.


The log loaded.

To do this

Do this

Choose a different volume to
view logs on

Choose Logs > View Different System’s Logs, choose a volume from
the “Volume to gather system logs from” pop-up menu, and click

View logs in the current or
chosen volume

Choose a log from the “View log” pop-up menu.

Search for specific text within
the log

Enter text in the search field. When you press Return, matching text
is highlighted in the log area.

Clear logs

Choose Logs > Clear current Log or choose Logs > Clear All Logs.

The name of the currently viewed log replaces current.

Refresh logs

Choose Logs > Refresh Current Log or choose Logs > Refresh All
Information Logs.

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Chapter 4

Using AXD Tools


When AXD Mac OS X tools saves a log, it overwrites any existing log of the same name.
Log preferences can automatically customize the name of the log file so that the log
files aren’t overwritten.

If you don’t use any of the naming options, the log is saved as:


If you are testing locally, mode is replaced by “local.” If you are testing remotely, mode is
replaced by “remote.”

If you use all of the naming options, the log is saved as:

AXD_mode_autosave_log_date_ethernetaddress uniquename.txt

The appended values use this format:

The unique name will be appended only if a file of the same name exists.

A log for the local Xserve with all naming options enabled (using the example values) is
saved as:

AXD_local_autosave_log_15_Jul_2007_01_23_45_67_89_ab - 1.txt

To set log preferences:


In AXD Mac OS X tools, choose AXD > Preferences.


To automatically save test logs, select “Auto-save test log.”

If you don’t select this option, you can’t perform the steps that follow.


To choose the location of the automatically saved log, click “Choose auto-save location,”
select a location, and then click Open.


Configure the test log naming options.











- #

- 1

To do this

Do this

Ensure newly created log files
don’t overwrite old log files

Select “Use unique name.”

Append the Ethernet address of
the Xserve that’s being tested

Select “Append Ethernet Address.”

Append the run time and date
of the session’s first tests

Select “Append time and date.”

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Chapter 4

Using AXD Tools